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Hell Is Around The Corner

So Suddenly The Madness Came

Rioko Avalon
9 June 1988
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Profile credit goes to: causefire or xaddictionsx

(as a note: you'd know more about me if you read my entries. i promise.)

Ok, so I realize that I may encounter people on the internet. This is my journal, I say what i want to say. If there is comments I will respond accordingly but, I will not let other people's shortsightedness and/or stupidity get in the way of how I think or feel. (If you're intelligent then I will take it into consideration.) The stuff I write about, the stuff I reference, the opinions I expound and the philosophies I interpret are influenced by my everyday meanderings, yes, but at the same time I know how to incorporate these things into my life without making a mess out of my brain.

GAT GO GJ>$ GMU GP GSS d- s+:+ a-- C++ P L++ W+++ N? K? w+ O? M V? PS+ PE- Y+ PGP? t+ 5++ X+(and then somebody dies then X--) R/R* tv+ b+>b++++ DI+ D G e/e*>e++++ h/h* r->!r z/z-

133+, 30 seconds to mars, a fire inside, adam carson, afi, anime, bass drummers, bondage, books, bookstores, brand, branding, carpe diem, cats, cds, cheese, chess, classical music, classical rock, computers, cooking, cowboy bebop, cynicism, davey havok, daydreaming, death, depression, domination/submission, doujinshi, drawing, drummers, earl grey tea, edgar allen poe, electronica, evenings, fanart, fanfic, fanfics, fanfiction, fantasy, farscape, fearlessness, fics, fingerless gloves, fishing, fishnet, flowers, forests, fuck, german, girl bass drummers, girl tuba players, good conversation, gundam, heavy metal, history, homosexuals, hunter burgen, icons, imagination, individualism, internet, inuyasha, jade puget, japan, japanese, japenese food, jewelry, languages, leet, lord of the rings, manga, memories, metallica, movies, music, music mediums, musicians, not giving a fuck, ocean, passion, photography, pictures, pizza, quizzes, reading, realisim, red wine, remus lupin, revolution, rock, rurouni kenshin, russian, samurai, sarcasm, saving the world, sci fi, sephiroth, sexy men, shounen ai, sirius black, slash, sleeping, slow dancing, smut, snare drummers, soldiers, sushi, talking, tapes, the beach, the ocean, the talking heads, underworld soundtrack, vintage stuff, weapons, weiss kreuz, wolves, words, writers, writing, yaoi, yu yu hakusho